Venitino Marble

Our Newest System The “Venitino Look”

This is our most unique system we have come up with! It is called the Venitino look because it resembles Venitino Marble. Special Effex has come up with an acrylic polymer overlay system that we can control the way an acid stain reacts with the acrylic polymer overlay, which in return we can control the look to resemble marble.

Special Effex is one of only a few companies in the world that know how to do this look. I have to say this is the most beautiful floor system available and the pictures below do not do this floor justice at all! These floors are just breath taking.

The Venitino look is achieved by installing an acrylic polymer overlay at 1/8″ thick over concrete, wood (plywood) tile, marble, linoleum etc… as long as the surface we are going over the top of is a sound substrate it saves you money without the expense of existing tear out, labor, and hauling or dump fees.

We can resurface any interior flooring with this system and weight is not a factor. The weight of an acrylic polymer overlay is actually no more than it would be by adding tile. Design options are limitless with this overlay and we offer a wide selection of color choices. Pricing for the venitino overlay is about the same as an upgraded tile floor or carpet. However, this system will out last both, tile and carpet! This venitino overlay system is very low maintenance, very easy to clean, and it is mold, mildew, and allergen free.

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