We have a couple different applications for installing the concrete tile. If your surface does not need an overlay we can cut any pattern, such as tile, into your concrete then apply stains and sealers. We do not cut through the concrete, we just cut about an 1/8″ to make it look like a grout line.

If you surface needs an overlay we start with the concrete preparation, then a base coat in the color of the grout line is installed. After the base coat has dried, we hand tape the tile pattern down using brick tape. Sometimes we cut the tile pattern using special concrete tools with diamond blades. Then the top coat of acrylic polymer overlay is installed adding texture of choice. We are now ready to color the surface using our special coloring techniques. This is another system that is Hand Made in the USA.

We can cut tile patterns into any concrete surface
We can Install This over
Concrete / Wood / Tile / Marble. Saving you the cost of tear out and replacement

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