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Repair and Resurface
Your Concrete at a Fraction of the Cost of New
Cost varies job to job (we need to look at it)

Save yourself a lot of $$$ with our Concrete Repair Products. The problem today is that concrete is not the same as it was 20 years ago. We see this everyday. Today’s Concrete is terrible (depending on who pours it), there are still a few quality contractors out there. I may get a few arguments on this, but, when you hire a concrete contractor cheaper is not always better, you get what you pay for…..
90% of the concrete we work with today needs repair work before we can even install our decorative systems.

Cracked Concrete –

We use an Epoxy stitch method. This is where we chase out the crack and install epoxy sand and rebar to stitch the concrete back together. The system that we employ is twice the strength of concrete. In most cases this system works better than any other system with the exception that we live in a wonderful climate. Crack repair is not guaranteed because of this. Your concrete cracked for a reason and the reason it cracked is because it moved. Freeze and Thaw, Hot Summer Heat, Settling. We can repair this but if your concrete moves chances are it will crack again.

Spalled Concrete-

Spalled concrete is where the top surface of the concrete is not flat, you will see pieces of concrete missing, loose, or small holes, and, in the worst case scenario, your concrete looks like a gravel floor. We are seeing this more and more. This is caused a lot from freeze and thaw, just look at your garage apron.

Acrylic Polymer Overlays-

This is a cement based product made of portland cement and sand. Some are better than others. We mix this with acrylic polymer which is a bonding additive. Overlays have a bad name because if not installed correctly or taken care of properly they may come loose. But believe me they do work.

Concrete Sealers-

Just a quick note here, all concrete should be sealed!!! moisture is a big problem with freeze and thaw as is salt. Never put salt on concrete use calcium chloride instead. please see our sealer page for more information.

Options for Concrete Overlays-

Broom Finish is our least expensive with no decorative effects, this is a two coat system that looks like broom finish concrete. color can be added or you can leave it grey.

Micro Toppings are acrylic polymer overlays that can be installed paper thin up to 1/8″ if you have a surface such as a basement floor that has had carpet, tile, vct etc… this is a perfect option. A micro topping will give you a brand new surfice to work with. Micro toppings can be stained and you can even add patterns.

Overlay’s can be installed from 1/8″ up to 2″ in some cases adding patterns, textures, and colors. The options are limitless with concrete overlays.

Call Special Effex today for more information on concrete repair and resurfacing. 815-978-9969


“Do it Yourself” epoxy from a big chain store…the life expectancy before it starts to peel is 6 months.


Special Effex epoxy has a lifetime guarantee not to peel or flake from concrete…. life expectancy is the life of the concrete.This was a garage apron we repaired with an epoxy patch and then coated the garage with a single broadcast epoxy flake. If the homeowner would not have had this repaired, it would have gotten worse, eventually needing to replace the entire apron at a huge expense.

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