Metallic Marble

This system can’t be beat
This Epoxy Marble system was Developed By Special Effex by using special mix and application techniques.

Epoxy marble and Metallic Epoxy are the next generation of decorative concrete flooring. Epoxy Marble is a special high-tech nano-pigment that can be added to a clear epoxy binder to achieve the most elegant looking seamless floors ever achieved. In the right artist hands the effex are unbelievable, from custom color mixes to application techniques, these floors will simply amaze you.

Epoxy Marble offers many advantages over other types of concrete stains and overlays..For instance:

  • Does not matter if your substrate has been damaged or patched. Unlike traditional methods of achieving stone looking surfaces such as acid stains or dyes, where the condition of the substrate determines the final look, Epoxy marble is a special pigment used in an epoxy resin that will cover imperfections in the substrate.
  • More consistent color — Color can vary greatly with stains and dyes depending on the age of the concrete, concrete color, and surface porosity, however, not with epoxy marble, this eliminates problems with specifiers and customer expectations. Any sample made for the customer will match the finished product.
  • Effects achieved with epoxy marble cannot be replicated with traditional concrete coloring methods. Because these special pigments reflect light rather than absorb it, the finished floor has more depth and dimension than is obtainable with traditional concrete staining.
  • The Epoxy Marble system is more cost effective than virtually any system of it’s type. The material cost and installation time is lower than most systems on the market today. The look is phenomenal.

Does your basement have water problems? Special Effex offers epoxy coatings that are waterproof! No more replacing carpet or tile! Just a mop, vacuum, or squeegee and your back to normal.

All of our coatings are :

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • Allergen Free
  • Last the Life of the Concrete

Call Special Effex today for a free consultation on a epoxy floor system that is right for your application.

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